8 Ways to Pray for the War in Ukraine

Scripture says that the fervent prayers of the righteous avails much (James 5:16). This also applies to our prayers during wartime.

  1. Pray for Putin to be removed.
  2. Pray for President Zelensky and other leaders of Ukraine to have wisdom and protection as the war continues for the third month.
  3. Pray for strength and courage for the soldiers who are defending Ukraine.
  4. Pray for the hundreds of thousands of civilians who have been displaced and are now refugees.
  5. Pray for neighboring countries who are receiving refugees, especially Poland, Hungary, Moldova, Romania, and the Baltics.
  6. Pray for the efforts and people who are buying and bringing food and emergency supplies deep into Ukraine from Western countries (including Latvia).
  7. Pray for Ukrainian believers to find comfort, peace, and strength in God and share the source of their strength with others.
  8. Pray for the international church to respond with urgency, generosity, and sacrifice.