Bridges are Made to Connect

What’s a bridge? Most people imagine a structure that carries a road between two high points. But sea captains also issue their orders from command centers called bridges. The thin piece of wood on a violin that the strings stretch over is a bridge. And when a composer connects two movements, he writes a bridge.
Still, the most important aspect of any bridge is what it does. Connects. Supports. Brings together. Spans the gap.

When we first set up Bridge Builders International, we pictured ourselves as the classical networking, bridge-building ministry—introducing people, building partnerships, and then getting out of the way. For some partnerships, this is the way it works.

BBI has been building bridges since 1994

Bridge building is about partnerships. The backbone of our vision has always been to create, strengthen, and mobilize international partnerships. BBI’s original dream was to build a thousand living bridges for the Lord, each with its own distinctiveness, emphasis, and potential. Since 1994, BBI has helped create partnerships and alliances involving close to 200 churches, organizations, and businesses. BBI bridges have connected churches, schools, publishing houses, social ministries, and businesses. Today they extend to the worlds of art, music, politics, orphan care, recovery, missions, and refugee relief. And through them, remarkable ministry takes place.

Healthy partnerships provide the participating parties with someone to love, something to do, and something to look forward to. To do this, partnerships must be characterized by genuine relationships, consistent ongoing communication, and steps of faith.

Let’s build a partnership bridge together

We are convinced that the Lord would have us build more, stronger, and more diverse bridges to Latvia, in Latvia, and from Latvia. Are you interested in discovering what a partnership might look like between BBI and your church and organization? Contact us to learn more! Together we can do what cannot be done alone.