Thank you for your ongoing prayers, encouragement, and support for the work that BBI is doing in the Baltics and beyond.

Today I have an exciting update for you on the potato field that was planted in May by BBI missionary Dan Roth and the Eagle’s Wings family. You might remember that the vision for this crop was to proactively address the inevitable food shortage in Ukraine due to the war. Ukraine has been called the “Breadbasket of Europe” and the attacks by Russia have had devastating consequences on crops that feed both Ukrainians and other nations.

The field is 2.5 acres and was planted with 2 tons of organic seed potatoes. And now, it is Harvest Time!

Dan, Slavic, and the team from the camp are working alongside Ukrainian refugees who have come to Ergli to help harvest and carry food back to their families. Each sack of potatoes holds approximately 50kg and should get their household through the entire winter.

Last week, Slavic carried several sacks to refugees living in various cities in Latvia. We plan to distribute in Riga, Cesis, and Vecbebri this week.

There is still work yet to be done. We are grateful that the Eagle’s Wings youth leaders will join our efforts on September 17… potato picking is not an easy task!

Scripture is replete with reminders to feed the hungry and care for the sojourner. This is exactly what you are helping to do through this initiative. BBI is called to help those in need. Thank you for your vital role in this process. Without your prayers and financial giving, we wouldn’t be able to do this good work.

You can click here to give now to support the ongoing work of caring for the downtrodden and oppressed in Latvia.


Natalie Meeks
Executive Director