Your gifts are making a difference

So many of you have given through BBI in recent weeks for Ukrainian refugee aid. Thank you! Latvians know all too well the trauma of Russian occupation.

We are partnering with excellent ministries doing on-the-ground work for Ukrainian refugees in Latvia, and on the Ukrainian border in Poland. The images below show a tiny glimmer of the fruits of your generosity.

The refugee intake center at Riga Technical University. Several organizations have come together to support the (predominantly) women and children going through this process, including BBI.

Just off the main intake room is the Prayer Room we were given permission to arrange. Almers Ludviks, BBI’s Latvian office director, and Slavic, the Ukrainian pastor who is living with his wife and daughter at our office as refugees, lead this effort to provide spiritual care.

Diks Bortnikovs, Eagle’s Wings Camp Director, is very excited that the new van provided by donations will be used at the border in the coming weeks and months for emergent transport of people and goods.

Coordinators unloading boxes of food to transport into Ukraine for distribution. These pallets were purchased in Poland through your donations.

A picture is worth a thousand words, but words help too!

From the image gallery above:

  1. A refugee family loads up into the van to be taken to a safe haven.
  2. Dan Roth, BBI missionary from Eagle’s Wings Camp and sheep farm, provided the meat (lamb) for a Holy Week feast for refugees in Riga, in partnership with Salvation Temple. This is about more than just a meal. It’s an opportunity to treat those who have suffered tremendous trauma with dignity and honor.
  3. The new Eagle’s Wings Camp van successfully crossed the border into Ukraine. The mission was to pick up a man who had suffered a stroke and bring him out of the country safely.
  4. Mission accomplished. The coordinators were able to transport him to a different contact, from where he was taken west for treatment.
  5. Praise the Lord! Two days later, we received this photo showing the man safe and receiving treatment in a hospital in Belgium.
  6. Dan Roth, his daughter Anna, and Slavic traveled to a Polish border city, on Monday to deliver supplies. Here they are shopping for adult diapers, which will be distributed amongst the elderly in Ukraine.
  7. After delivering the diapers and food, Dan and Anna headed back to Riga… with this precious refugee family from the Donetsk region.
  8. This is Slavic’s son, Ilusha, with Pastor Victor. They are located just south of Kyiv.
  9. Pastor Victor says, “Thank you! These pampers are the most precious gifts we could send people. We will take them to distribute at a nursing home near Kyiv.”