BBI to Personally Give 500 Food Boxes to Ukrainian Refugees in Latvia

Most of us have heard these Christmas song lyrics countless times, “He’s making a list and checking it twice. He’s gonna find out who’s naughty or nice.”

In our Latvian office, our team has been busy making lists and checking them twice, not to reward or punish but to assist and bless hundreds of Ukrainian refugees, many of whom live in smaller cities all around Latvia.

Our team has selectively purchased high-quality food to be packaged in gift boxes with John 3:16 printed on large labels in Russian. Each box costs about $50.00. Our team, led by Pastor Slavic and his wife Liuba, will personally deliver these packages to each family in December, January, and February. They will also enjoy personal time drinking tea, conversating, and praying with many recipients.

This is John 3:16 in the Russian language.

The Bible is replete with examples of the importance of balanced ministry approaches. The Great Commandment urges God’s people to love Him and love one’s neighbor. James wrote that faith without works in dead. Jesus exemplified the importance of bringing Good News while being Good News. 

Just yesterday, Slavic and Almers drove to Talsi, more than 2 hours from Riga, to the food wholesaler in a first class Latvian snow storm

Our team has been serving refugees in Latvia since the beginning of March. We’ve developed relationships with hundreds. In the process their trust has been earned, and now is the perfect time to continue to communicate God’s love and message during this advent season and into the next year.

Almers and Slavic loaded food items for several hours
Slavic (right), Almers and Vineta have been making the lists and checking them twice. Of course, they have also selected the food items and packaged boxes

I want to thank the many friends of BBI who have generously given to our Ukrainian Assistance Fund. These gifts make this, and other, initiatives possible.  To God be all glory!

You can click here to give now to support the ongoing work of caring for those affected by the war in Ukraine. We are grateful for you!


Charles David Kelley
President | Bridge Builders International