ImagoDei Conversations: Dare to Be Different

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ImagoDei Conversations: Dare to Be Different

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Every month, artists from around the world gather online with BBI’s ImagoDei Arts Ministry to discuss their craft, faith, and to encourage one another. Whether your medium is the visual arts, music, performance, sculpting, or of the pen, We’d love to have you join us.

In December, we will welcome Lithuanian artist and long-time ImagoDei friend, Eglė Tamulytė, as our special guest speaker.

Here are some thoughts from Eglė on this month’s discussion:

“…Aligning with my artistic calling often involves turning away from the ordinary and seeking solace in my own creative cocoon. After embracing Christianity, I felt the gravitational pull to conform, to fit a predetermined mold. Yet, in pursuing the expectations of others, I lost sight of myself. It was a journey, a process of self-discovery, leading me to the realization that my allegiance is to a higher calling, not a checklist of someone else’s ideals.

While my life may not mirror the typical Christian narrative, that’s perfectly fine. Through vibrant communities like the ELF Artist’s Network, Imago Dei and Steiger, I understood the beauty of my unique artistic path. No need to mimic someone else’s style—God designed me to be authentically myself.

In the rich tapestry of my artistic life, self-trust illuminates the way forward. Liberated from the weight of others’ opinions, I discovered freedom in Christ—the freedom to embrace exactly who I am meant to be. No longer entangled in self-doubt, I’m basking in the joy of living authentically, painting the vibrant canvas of my story one electrifying brushstroke at a time.”


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2023-12-06 @ 12:00 PM to
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