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BPILogoAs an expression of BBI’s commitment to encourage and develop leaders, BBI has been a key partner with the Latvian Baptist Union in the establishment of Baltic Pastoral Institute. Chuck Kelley serves on the BPI leadership team as Dean of International Relations and Instructor of Theology and Missiology.

Here’s a summary of the vision and mission of the Baltic Pastoral Institute:

  • shapeimage_1BPI’s Vision – What do we want to see? Established in 2007, the vision of Baltic Pastoral Institute (BPI) is to see the development of healthy missional pastors who will establish and lead churches and Christ-honoring communities in the Baltic region, beginning in Latvia, toward effective local, national and international ministry.
  • shapeimage_13BPI’s Mission – What do we do? The mission of Baltic Pastoral Institute is to train, mentor and equip carefully-selected young pastors to present the Gospel and establish and lead high-impact churches in strategic locations in Latvia, throughout the Baltic region and beyond. The development of BPI is intrinsic to the Latvian Baptist Union’s goal to plant and/or replant 100 new and healthy churches in the next ten years. NEW CHURCHES REQUIRE HEALTHY PASTORS WHO RECEIVE INNOVATIVE TRAINING.
  • shapeimage_11BPI’s Foundational Strategy – How will we do it? The foundational strategy of Baltic Pastoral Institute is to create a balanced environment that simultaneously emphasizes, over a three-year period, four foundational pillars.
    • Content – This is training for the head. What do we want our graduates to know?
    • Competence – This is training for the hands. What skills do we want our graduates to possess?
    • Character – This is training for the heart. What kind of men do we want our graduates to be?
    • Culture – This is training for the heat. How can our graduates be best equipped to effectively engage the real world?

BPI needs and will need special and ongoing financial support from within Latvia and abroad. Funds are needed in three primary areas:

  • shapeimage_2Capital improvement fund for the reconstruction of classrooms, offices, student fellowship room, cafe, stairwells and visiting professor guest room.
  • Student scholarship fund for individual academic and living costs for some of the students who are already supporting families.
  • General fund for ongoing operating expenses related to salaries for staff, teachers, library, communication, travel, administration, etc.

Those wishing to support Baltic Pastoral Institute may do so through BBI. Click here to Support BPI Online Now

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