For 13 consecutive years BBI offered Prayer Days for pastors, ministry leaders and missionaries.  It was a vital factor in bringing about trust and love between leaders.
For 13 consecutive years BBI offered its signature event, Prayer Days, for pastors, ministry leaders and missionaries. It continues to do so for specialized groups like professional women, pastoral students and artists and musicians.

By Charles Kelley

Prayer Days is a spiritual renewal retreat for leaders. Historically, Prayer Days have  been vital in bringing about trust and love between leaders of various denominations.

The first Prayer Days took place at the Belarus Hotel in Jurmala, Latvia in February 1999. It was the first event of its kind in Latvia and the interest was higher than expected.

In view of the upcoming Hope ’99 with Luis Palau, which our ministry was undergirding, we invited 70 pastors and ministry leaders from several denominations and ethnic backgrounds to come together for three days of prayer, bridge building, vision casting and reconciliation. How we were surprised when 107 showed up!

We were especially surprised at the power of the Holy Spirit when he brought various people together who had viewed one another as competitors, not friends or partners in the harvest. Interestingly, more unity was built after hours in the sauna and pool.

In 1999, it was not possible to envision that Prayer Days would become so important, not only for BBI, but for many Christian workers who find themselves isolated, discouraged, tired, and more than we want to admit, ready to quit.

Prayer Days was been an annual event for leaders in Latvia through 2012. The locations have changed, as have the topics each year. Some years we have featured special international guests, while other years we have relied solely on Latvian leaders and speakers.

In the future BBI will host a variety of Prayer Days, targeted at specific groups such as professional women, pastoral students, artists and musicians. The next Prayer Days will take place in May 2015 for artists. It will be called “Imago Dei.”

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