These technical drawings give a glimpse of the layout of Eagle’s Wings new main lodge.

lodge front view
New Lodge Front View

The new lodge will have a total of 3,580 ft2 (333 m2).  The  main hall will be used for dining and large group meetings.  It features a high vaulted ceiling and will have 960 ft2 (199 m2).  It will seat 120 people for dining, almost four times as many as can be presently served.  In the low season the main hall will be partitioned with half devoted to dining and the other half to conference seating.

Kitchen Layout

The new kitchen area will have 1,150 ft2 (107 m2). It includes the kitchen, the cook’s quarters, laundry facilities and showers and bathrooms for both men and women.

The main floor will also have much needed restrooms accessible directly from both the inside and outside. Currently, campers have to go into the cabins and though the bedrooms to get to the toilet.  When the lodge is completed they will run to the restrooms directly from the lake, volleyball court, the high ropes course or climbing wall.

2 floor lodge
Upstairs Layout

The second floor above the kitchen will also have 1,150 ft2 (107 m2).  It will include four bedrooms that share two bathrooms and a camp office. It will also have a family suite with external access, a great place for Diks and family to live during the summer.

Eagle’s Wings currently has 32 beds.  When the lodge is finished there will be 50 additional beds.

lodge side view
New Lodge Side View

The new beds and configurations will make it possible for Eagle’s Wings to host year round adult retreats including special conferences for couples.








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