Up to 100 can attend one camp if the large group meeting takes places outside in a tent.

FOUNDED – 2003 by Dustin and Kristine Peterson. When the Petersons joined BBI in 2007, Eagle’s Wings became an affiliated ministry of BBI.

AREA – 72 hectare or 178 acres

GROUNDS IMPROVEMENTS – A 2.5 acre lake has been developed for swimming, boating and ice skating; a high ropes course, zip line, hiking trails, beach sand volleyball court and climbing wall.

PRESENT BUILDINGS – The following structures have been built: 2 camp houses (32 beds, kitchen, dining hall and conference room); 2 staff houses; a workshop; and a large lakeside sauna house.

ADJACENT – A large high quality sheep farm occupies a portion of the camp property adding significant interest and value. A portion of the proceeds of the farm help fund the camp every year. Of course the beauty of lush green hills dotted with hundreds of woolly creatures is hard to beat.

CURRENT CAPACITY – Up to 100 can attend one camp if the large group meeting takes places outside in a tent and if the meals are served in shifts of around 30.

EAGLE’S WINGS ANNUALLY DIRECTED CAMPS – 4 evangelistic camps, 3 discipleship camps, 2 training camps, 3 outreach camps and 3 retreats

NEAREST CITY – Ergli – 3,200 people; 100 kilometers or 60 miles east of Riga…approximately 2 hour drive

Eagle’s Wings Leadership

Diks Bortnikovs, Executive Director (Read more about Diks)
Dan Roth, Assistant Director
Dustin and Kristine Peterson, Ministry Development Coordinators
Janis Stankevics, Farm and Facility Manager
Aelita Stankevicsa, Hospitality Manager

Dustin Peterson, Chairman of the Board
Dan Roth, Treasurer of the Board
Charles Kelley, Board Member


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