lodge painting
The Eagle’s Wings New Main Lodge is currently under construction. Rendition by Kristine Peterson.


ERGLI, Latvia – Kids need camp. Like never before, teens and pre-teens are under tremendous pressure. Self-doubt, peer pressure, substance abuse, self-injury and a myriad of harmful voices nag at kids every day.

Also like never before, kids need Eagle’s Wings Camp, a transforming place in central Latvia that has served thousands for more than ten years. And, in order for Eagle’s Wings to more effectively reach Latvian children, teens, families and other groups, a new main lodge must be built.

Eagle’s Wings currently operates without a central meeting place for large gatherings and meals. It is our goal, along with the help of members of our network and Latvian team, to build a new main lodge this spring.

The camp consistently exceeds its capacity. Because group meetings have grown so large, we have used portable tents. The tiny kitchen, currently located on the second floor of one of our cabins, isn’t large enough to feed all of the campers at the same time, so they eat in shifts. How much better camps would be if everyone could meet and eat together!

During the summer, extra tents and teepees can be used but during the rest of the year rain, mud and snow can force campers to huddle under makeshift shelters. This makes it challenging to focus on the spiritual mission of Eagle’s Wings.

lodge with cabin paintingBBI missionary Dan Roth puts it like this, “The new lodge will be the place where all campers can meet together at the same time under one roof; no more eating in shifts and no more big meetings ‘weather permitting!’”

Founder Dustin Peterson says, “God has already used Eagle’s Wings Camp to reach so many people for Christ. It’s a shame that the capacity of the facility has been woefully small for the opportunities.  The new main lodge will immediately meet huge needs in reaching so many more.

Eagle’s Wings is at a crossroads. Now is the time to make it possible to provide equally good camp experiences to all age groups all year round. But without this key structure, Eagle’s Wings cannot grow in impact and reach.

Phase 1 of the new lodge began last November with a team pouring a concrete foundation.  Construction teams from Foundry Church of Bend, OR and the Community Church in Christmas Valley, OR will go to Latvia in March and April for Phase 2. If you want to participate contact us.

The required budget for the new lodge is $200,000. As of Feb. 22, about $122,000 has already been given or committed. The remaining need is $77,000. With your continued support, Eagle’s Wings will reach more people in Latvia and continue to spread God’s message throughout Europe.

Today we ask you to support the expansion of Eagle’s Wings camp—through your prayers and a monetary donation.



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