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I remember when Nancy and I first discussed our own will and the leaving of our legacy. It was not an easy thing to do. But I am glad that knowledgeable  professionals were available to help walk us through all the issues. One of those professionals was Guy Burgo.

I didn’t realize that the largest gift most believers will ever give will be through our wills or trusts.  It’s our final opportunity to impact the world for Christ.

So, as you write or update your will or trust, I invite you to consider Bridge Builders International as one of the ministries worthy of receiving part of your final act of generosity.  If you don’t have a will or trust, or if the one you have is insufficient, we have a tool that can help.

Guy Burgo
Guy Burgo

Below is our complimentary Will and Trust Planning Ministry Video System that teaches about wills, probate, trusts and more. These videos, presented by Guy Burgo, a good friend of BBI and competent Christian estate professional, are easy to understand.

Nancy and I have appreciated Guy’s helpful ministry. I hope you will enjoy and benefit as well.

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