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“Out of My Mind?”  Some feel this has been true of me for years.  But seriously, the most important role of a leader is to think.  Our times are characterized by complex issues.  So I think, and write, on socio-political issues, history, special occasions, faith or personal reflections. Opinions are mine alone.

“I’ve Got Latvia on My Mind”

My Tribute to Tommy Weathersbee: 1949 – 2020 By Charles D. Kelley PHILOMATH, Oregon – What do you call someone who is friendly, adventurous, energetic, gentle, demonstrative, loud, visionary, enthusiastic, generous, musical, hard-working, endowed with endearing intonations from West Texas, committed to family, driven by faith, devoted to his Lord, and passionate about world missions? […]


Treasuring Mother

Honoring Mothers in a Culture of Dishonor By Charles Kelley Philomath, OREGON – We live in a culture of dishonor – an age when editorials routinely mock our leaders. When media personalities (be they from the right or the left) maliciously attack opposing public figures. Their vitriol infects the mentality and conversation of the nation. […]


When Jesus Was Named “Wonderful”

Names make a difference… but why? By Charles Kelley Philomath, OREGON – Forty-two years ago, a beautiful young woman named Nancy Heidebrecht changed her name to Nancy Kelley. Why? Because, in taking on my surname, Nancy legally identified herself with her new husband (me!).   Do you remember the huge football player William “The Refrigerator Perry?” […]


7 Ways to Pray Like Jesus

What can we learn from the ways our Savior prayed? By Charles D. Kelley Philomath, OREGON – The more I think about the prayers of Jesus, the more I am astonished. Why did the divine Son of God need to pray? Didn’t he already know what he needed to know and have what he needed […]


A Life Well-Lived: Remembering Paula

Paula Joy Hewitt December 26, 1946 – May 28, 2019 Paula Joy Hewitt was born Dec 26, 1946, in Hemet, CA, the daughter of Robert Matthew Hewitt and Patsy Saranan (Mather) Hewitt. She was the second of four children, three girls and a boy.  Her oldest sister, Kay, died of leukemia when she was 4 years […]


Easter, the Skeptic, and Me

By Charles Kelley PHILOMATH, Oregon – I’m a skeptic. And so are you. I don’t believe everything I see. I’ve been to magic shows and watched magicians saw their assistants in half and pull rabbits out of hats. I’ve seen a green-clad boy and friends flying over London in Peter Pan. I wasn’t fooled.  I’m […]


From the Baltics to the Balkans

Partnering with God’s People in Serbia and Bosnia & Herzegovina By Charles Kelley RIGA, Latvia – I occasionally hear Americans refer to Latvia as one of the Balkan states situated on the Balkan (not Baltic) Sea. Even our president spoke about the Balkan Sea. One reason for this confusion is that most of the Balkan peninsula […]


Turn Back the Clock… to Hope ’94

By Charles Kelley, Founder and President In the 90’s, Almers Ludviks and I organized four major evangelistic outreach campaigns. Hope ’91 was in Riga in the Sports Arena featuring evangelist Steve Russo. Hope ’92 was also in Riga in the Congress Hall (former Communist Party headquarters) and both Bob Cryder and I preached the Gospel. Several of […]


Then and Now… 25 Years

Twenty-five Years of Faithfully Serving the Lord in Latvia By Charles Kelley, Founder and President (PHILOMATH, Oregon) – The year was 1994: Life in Latvia was uncertain at best, volatile at worst. Organized crime was highly visible, impacting both the business world and the criminal justice system. I recall the day a police officer’s wife told […]


The Nativity

He came. He came. Thank God, He came. by Charles Kelley PHILOMATH, Oregon – Every nativity painting is the product of the Biblical text plus the imagination of the artist. Some renditions are more fascinating than others. As I observe these paintings, I look for unique insights and angles that painters may include or emphasize. […]


Archetypes: A Visual Tale of God’s Glory

By Charles Kelley with Natalie Meeks DALLAS, Texas – It was a blistering day in Cambridge, England – July 23rd, the hottest day on record since 1976. I stood in the yard of Great Saint Mary’s Church; situated squarely in the heart of Cambridge, one of the foremost centers of intellectual, scientific and theological life […]


Wise Men Still Seek Him

Dear Friends, Two millennia ago, our promise-keeping God delivered the Savior of the world to His waiting people. And those who saw and heard and knew, responded. They came and they worshiped. We know the story well. Or do we? There’s much that we do not know about the wise men and the account of […]


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