The Boat Before the Storm

A Special Reflection by Kathryn Read on the Impact of the My Secret Double Exhibition

Editor’s Note: Our vision for the My Secret Double traveling exhibition is to open up conversations related to mental health and to direct those affected to hope and resources that offer healing.

We invite you to read the following reflection written by one of the attendees of the exhibition and its accompanying workshops.

Grants Pass, OREGON – As part of the wonderful “My Secret Double” art show curated by Bridge Builders International (in conjunction with the Psychology and Arts departments at OSU), my favorite professor (Dr. Gary Ferngren) gave a talk about the struggle of pain and depression as it related to C.S. Lewis. Then the Rev. Charles Kelley gave a talk/ piano concert on depression and anxiety, emphasizing the need for normalization (especially in the Christian community) and the positive effects of the arts.

I was inspired by the show and talks to make my own drawing depicting how anxiety feels to me:

When the anxiety hits, I feel like I’m the little boat watching the storm come.

I can see the sunlight shining on the horizon but just can’t seem to get out of the stormy waves.

Prayer and medication both get that sail put up, so that the wind of God’s breath, can give the push needed to get me to that shore.

Please, my friends, if you struggle with a mental health issue, remember, it’s more than ok to get help….including medicine if needed… it’s a responsibility to those you love!

Kathyrn Read is a native Oregonian and a longtime friend of BBI. She is married to Danny, and is passionate about her love for Christ and photography.

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