Experiencing God’s Imagination

Welcoming artists from four nations for imagiNATIONS 2019

By Natalie Meeks

RIGA, Latvia – The Partneri team is excited to once again travel to Camp Ganibas in Užava, Latvia for imagiNATIONS, July 25th to 28th.

This happy group enjoyed a beautiful day of plein air painting during imagiNATIONS 2018

God’s Word is constantly prompting us to use our imaginations, even though we seldom realize it!

We will be joined by more than 50 Latvian, Estonian, Lithuanian, and American artists and musicians for a weekend of fellowship, spiritual growth, discussion, music, and plein air painting.

Imagination was given to us so that we could better know and love God. He is invisible, but his qualities are made known to us by that which is visible (Psalm 19:1Romans 1:20). We walk by faith – we value what is unseen more than what is seen.

Without a well-trained and Biblically-informed imagination, how can we peer beyond this world that we see… to the world that we cannot yet see?

Charles Kelley will lead daily Bible studies on “Experiencing Imagination: God’s Own Imagination in the Psalms.”

Madara Lazdina will guide participants in follow-up activities and conversation: What can we learn from God’s own imagination? How should our understanding of Scripture inform our own creativity?

Bill has ministered through music in over 50 countries.

We will also welcome Bill Drake.

Bill is the Director of Art Ministries for Operation Mobilization, a major global outreach from Atlanta, Georgia. He will speak to the group on a Biblical perspective of the arts, and will give a special concert on Saturday evening!

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