A New Cabin for Eagle’s Wings Campers!

A New Cabin for Eagle’s Wings Campers!

Tallis Woomert shares the vision for a third cabin at Eagle’s Wings Camp


By Tallis Woomert

BONNERS FERRY, Idaho – God cares about the whole picture. From the beginning to the end. And Eagle’s Wings camp and the sheep farm in Latvia are no different.

Some years ago, He planted a seed through the work of Dustin Peterson; that seed has grown and flourished into a camp that has made a difference in the lives of Latvian kids… many of whom are no longer kids, but are now adults, out making a difference in the world. The camp was born, flourished, and continues to grow because of those who have obeyed God’s calling. A calling to develop this camp into a place where God is feltand faced. And He continues to grow this camp, every year, working through Camp Director, Diks Bortņikovs, and many other helping hands. More kids are coming each year, but that means more beds are required.

And that means… it’s time for a Third Cabin!

Here is a photo of the existing cabin and crew from last spring’s remodel/renew project.

Today, I am thrilled to share with you plans to break ground on the foundation of the Third Cabin this spring. I am preparing to lead a small team to start and – hopefully – complete the foundation by the end of May. In Latvia’s climate, there is a small window of time that is suitable for the pouring of concrete and before the camps officially start.

It is my prayer that, by reading this, you will feel the urgency undergirding this project and learn something about what it takes to build a cabin in Latvia. The need is great. And it is the great desire of all of us who work at Eagle’s Wings to get this cabin built by the 2020 summer. This isn’t the only project we want to build but… let’s not get ahead of ourselves. One step at a time, and we might just get there. So, let us dive right in!

The third cabin will be built just to the west of the Lodge on the hill. This is important because the wet climate is a big problem when it comes to drainage. Pouring concrete in the spring can be described as somewhere in between “a tad-bit muddy” or “downright soaking wet.” The foundation is the primary goal. It will encompass an 8.5-meter x 7.5-meter footprint, with the slab on grade estimated to cost approximately 5,000 Euros ($5,700 USD). There will either be a hydronic (in-slab) heating system hooked up to the already existing boiler or water heated radiators hooked up to that same boiler system that also heats all the buildings on camp.

The cabin will be two stories: The first floor will be divided into two main rooms with eight bunk beds apiece and one bathroom per room. As you walk into the main floor, an entryway/mudroom space opens to stairs which lead to a private living space on the second floor. These rooms are for long-term interns or families with young children who come to work at the week long camps.

The framing of the house is the typical “stick frame” style that we have here in the USA with drywall on the interior walls, but that’s where the similarities end. These cabins are constructed with insulation inside the walls, AND insulation attached to the exterior walls of the cabin, AND THEN covered with a waterproof sealing – much like stucco. Altogether, this provides a great R-value. In such a cold climate that’s exactly the desired outcome! And, the stucco provides the siding right on top of the insulation.

The metal roof is raised off of a vapor barrier using crisscrossed boards which facilitate venting – a definite necessity for wet Latvian weather. The windows and doors they use in Latvia are remarkable: I think they must be experienced in person to truly understand their worth! They have excellent R-value and are weather-sealed, but it is the nature of their mechanical engineering that makes them truly unique.

The following two computer-generated images will help give an idea of the style and desired placement of the third cabin

The entire project is estimated to cost just 55,000 Euros ($62,600 USD). Additionally, the current USD to Euro exchange rate is much more agreeable than it has been in the past, making this an excellent time to take on this project. Our money will go much further than it has in the past. However, our time stays the same. As of right now there are three of us: two skilled and hardworking contractors, and one person with a solid idea of what concrete looks like (and a super motivated worker). I have plans to add an additional contractor and one more hardworking individual. Bringing this crew up to a team of five would be ideal for this project. But we know this – God knows best, and He will provide! To Him be the Glory! 

Tallis H Woomert is a veteran (five-year) Eagle’s Wings Camp Leader, an avid photographer, a lifetime construction worker, and – more than ever – a lover of kiddos from hard places. 

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