BBI Makes 4-Star Announcement!

Charity Navigator Awards BBI With its Highest Rating

By David Jones
Senior Advisor to the President

MIAMI, Florida – Charity Navigator is the largest charity evaluator in America. For 17 years, they have served as the go-to source for people interested in learning of the financial health and accountability of the ministries and charities they support.

Each year, Charity Navigator evaluates thousands of charities, providing clear, objective and reliable assessments of their financial health, accountability and transparency.

Bridge Builders International (BBI) has just been awarded Charity Navigator’s highest rating – of Four Stars!

This qualitative rating means that BBI is an “exceptional” organization, exceeding industry standards and outperforming most all similar charities. In short, Charity Navigator has evaluated BBI and believes that we perform in a financially exceptional way.

We also believe that our many ministry programs perform at an equally high level. This Four-Star rating from Charity Navigator means that your financial support of BBI’s ministry efforts are stewarded well and invested to return the greatest Kingdom impact possible.

We are thrilled to make this Four-Star Announcement – and pleased that your support of BBI carries with it the promise that your funds are used wisely and appreciated greatly!

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