“M” Found Us…

A Trip to Jordan and the Miracle of God’s Plan

By Katie Leatherwood
BBI Missionary; Designed to Live

“M” spotted us and inquired about Dina’s prosthetic. He, too, was an amputee.

RIGA, Latvia – From March 8-18, a team of 8 people from Latvia traveled to Jordan to serve with Baltic Global Initiative, led by Pēteris Eisāns. I had prepared for 7 patients to fit with new prosthetic legs. Measurements were taken in October and supplies ordered, customized and prepared for these specific people.  Most of the recipients were refugees from Syria or Iraq who lost limbs as a casualty of war.

Over the course of the 10 days our team was there, we were able to provide all 7 of these prosthetic legs that we had prepared; just not the way we had planned. Let me share the story of ‘”M.”

“M” found us…

One evening we were walking downtown and he drove up in front of us in his car. Through broken English, he asked about Dina’s prosthetic leg. “Where he could get one?” he wondered.

Then he opened his car door, revealing that he, too, was an amputee.

We explained that we were only in Jordan for a short time and the supplies we had brought were customized specifically to those for whom we had prepared. However, we offered for him to come to the clinic to observe what we were doing and possibly take measurements to fit him at a future time.

A few days later, “M” showed up to the clinic. This very same day, I had been notified that one of the patients we had prepared for would not be coming. I brought “M” into the tent and realized that the socket and parts we had brought for the other man looked similar in size to “M” and also for the Left side, just as “M” needed.

When the patient we had fitted could not come, we tried the extra socket on “M.” It was a perfect fit!

I decided to try the socket on him, explaining that we were just looking… not fitting. To my surprise, the fit was almost perfect! After just a few minutes and some minor adjustments, “M” was standing on 2 feet!

“M” came into the clinic merely to look, but God had planned for him to walk out on 2 feet!

God provides! I was blessed to be a part of this trip and use the skills in Prosthetics that God has given me. Each patient was prayed over before they walked out of the clinic on 2 legs. We pray that the new prosthetic leg will be a tool for these people to regain mobility, find hope and most importantly be a catalyst to search and find the true Hope only found in Jesus Christ.

I am very grateful for Martin Bionics Innovations and LIMBS International for partnering with me for this mission to Jordan in providing the integral prosthetic supplies and components.

We pray that every prosthetic leg will be a tool to regain mobility, find hope and most importantly be a catalyst to search and find the true Hope only found in Jesus Christ.

In addition to providing prosthetics, the other members of our team also made strategic impacts for Christ in Jordan. Katie Roth led music therapy at a local school for refugee children. Through group and individual therapy, 24 children were loved and cared for through the power of music. Another team handed out ‘Star in the East’ gift boxes that had been prepared in Latvia by families and individuals this past December. These boxes were given to refugee children in the community and refugee camps throughout Jordan.

Thank you for praying  and supporting the Designed to Live ministry as God continues to provide opportunities to serve people affected by disability, both in Latvia and throughout the world.

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Ministry of Katie Leatherwood or Designed to Live

Photos by Billijs Locs

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