I’m So Glad You Can Join Us

I’m So Glad You Can Join Us

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Chuck Kelley’s Secret Journey Comes to Matthews Church

By Chuck Kelley, BBI President

RIGA, Latvia – In the culture of first century Christianity, rabbis would sit amongst the people and discuss God’s Word.

One important instance of this in Scripture is Luke 2:49-52. Here we read the account of Jesus “sitting among the religious teachers, listening to them and asking questions.” Luke tells us at the end of this passage that “Jesus matured, growing up in both body and spirit, blessed by both God and people.”

On Sunday, March 11, I sat down before the congregation of Matthews Church in Riga to discuss an important topic in the light of God’s Word and my personal journey. The topic of depression. To discuss and share in order that both teacher and listener may be “blessed by both God and people.”

Today, I am sitting before you. I am speaking to both your mind and your heart. Will you join me?

Many have prayed for BBI’s strategic art exhibition outreaches in Latvia and Estonia. We want to thank you AND invite you to listen to the presentation. Presented at Matthews Church on March 11, 2018. Translation by Almers Ludviks.

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