Creating Something Special

Creating Something Special

With People you Love… For People you Love

By Tallis Woomert, Eagle’s Wings Camp Volunteer Staff

These are the very kids who met with Someone they now know and love because He loved them first.

ERGLI, Latvia – Right here, smiling brightly, are some of the best “kids” that I know (I only call them that to annoy them). They are all friends and leaders I am looking forward to once again working with soon. Together we will help Dmitrijs (Diks) Bortnikovs run Eagle’s Wings camp this summer. Each and every one of these young people could testify to the value of the camp. They were the very kids who came, who camped and who were transformed; who met with Someone they now know and love because He loved them first.

And this is merely a handful of the many youth who, through Eagle’s Wings Camp, have come to know Jesus Christ as their Savior and God as their Father. Eagle’s Wings is important beyond my imagination and the camp’s growth is astounding. Constantly changing, growing, and becoming greater; yet consistently used by God to reach the lost kids of Latvia.

Please support a God-loved camp. Thank you, and God bless you!

This year is no different than before. The “First Cabin” on the camp, built about 15 years ago, will be repaired and repurposed! The structure needs much work, from the foundation on up to the roof. A crew from North Idaho have committed to leaving their family and jobs behind for two weeks to remodel the First Cabin. Their sacrifice will serve to minister to kids that we don’t even know yet. But, God does.

Yet, we cannot do it alone.

We need you to partner with us – with the crew from Idaho, with the young leaders in Latvia, with Diks and myself. Help us raise the necessary money for building materials so that when we arrive at Eagle’s Wings, Diks will have the building materials ready and waiting for us! So much love has gone into this camp and so much love has been poured out of this camp.

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