Onward Ho!

How sweet it is to be healthy and traveling once again.

By Charles Kelley, BBI President

RIGA, Latvia – Proverbs 16:9 reminds us that in our hearts we can make plans, but the LORD directs our steps. 

Just three months ago, dear friends, so many of you stormed the heavens in the name of healing for me. We didn’t know what would come to pass. Nevertheless, Nancy and I trusted that the LORD was directing our steps. And God answered our prayers, returning my health and increasing the number of my days to serve Him. We praise Him, and thank you for your prayers on my behalf!

Today I write to you from a place of movement, action and joy.

More specifically, I write to you from my beloved Latvia. Ten days ago, I departed Oregon to return to Spain. (The irony isn’t lost on me that a Spanish airport is the last I saw before landing in the hospital. Surely God has a sense of humor).  This time though, I joined my BBI colleagues Natalie Meeks and Madara Molnika for a vital week of training led by the Forum of Christian Leaders. Here, we gathered with multi-national leaders for a learning community led by pioneer trainer Tom McGehee. We learned, we networked and we worshiped.

Two days ago, I stepped back into the airport and continued the route to my second home… to Latvia. For 32 years, I have been making landfall in this Baltic nation and the thrill of God’s calling never abates. This week I have/will meet with the Partners’ staff, BBI’s missionaries Katie Leatherwood and Dan & Katie Roth, Eagles Wing’s Director Diks Bortnikovs, partner Gatis Lidums, the Swiss Ambassador to Latvia, the Lutheran Archbishop, and fellow mission leader Viktor Petrenko. Additionally, I am speaking at the Celebrate Recovery gathering as well as participating in important meetings for Mission Days and our Art Ministry. One happy bonus is that I get to paint this week with my fellow artist!

God is opening doors galore here in Latvia and we continue to listen, obey and act. We can’t wait to share some of the exciting things that 2018 will bring.

Thank you for praying.

In the meantime, I echo the words of Paul – I thank God in remembrance of you.

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