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Jack’s enduring legacy for Awana was in the area of international expansion. We are thrilled to have his wisdom and expertise to augment the ministry of BBI

BBI welcomes former AWANA C.E.O to the Board

By David Jones

ALBANY, OR – Jack Eggar, longtime Christian ministry leader, participated in his first BBI Board meeting at the home of Bob and Diana Long in Albany, Oregon. Jack talked to the board about his years of ministry and shared his excitement about serving alongside them in the creative work of BBI in Latvia.

Jack and his wife Donna served on the mission field for nearly 20 years, largely in church planting in South Korea, Fiji Islands, and in Eastern Europe. In 1999, Jack became President and CEO of Awana, a global nonprofit ministry “committed to the belief that the greatest impact for Christ starts with kids who know, love and serve Him.”

Jack’s enduring legacy for Awana was in the area of international expansion. Under Jack’s effective leadership, Awana grew to work with 45,000 churches in 120 countries. Literally millions of children came to know of Jesus through work led by Jack in nearly two decades of service at Awana.

Today, Jack is President of the Global Children’s Network, a strategic effort to expand training of top leaders working with children around the world.

Jack shares his life journey as a missionary and ministry leader during his first annual Board meeting in Albany, Oregon

“I was first captured by Chuck’s passion in serving the people of Latvia. Then, over the years, I realized how creative BBI’s outreach efforts were – and knew that I wanted to be a part of this remarkable ministry. I have much still to learn, but grateful that we are working together to share the love and power of Jesus Christ amongst the wonderful people of Latvia.”

-Jack Eggar

We thank God for Jack’s wisdom and leadership and look forward to his service on the board.

David Jones

David is Managing Director of Cedarstone Partners in Wheaton, IL.

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