What Leaders Say About BBI

What Mission and Ministry Leaders Say About BBI

shapeimage_1Don Richardson – Author of Peace Child, Missionary, Linguist, Theologian, Teacher World Team, Orlando, FL

“As one who has personally observed Bridge Builders International’s ground breaking operations in Latvia, I urge every Christian who longs to see the Gospel spread across Eastern Europe to pray for BBI and also offer BBI all possible financial aid. BBI–by training zealous young Latvians who are bilingual in Russian–contributes remarkably to strengthening existing churches and also to outreaches that penetrate Muslim and tribal areas of the former Soviet Union.”

shapeimage_2Bill Shultz Director, Mission Pakapieni, Tukums, Latvia

“Bridge Builders International have served as a unique mediator for the Christian community on two sides of the globe. They have managed to raise the interest of the American Christians regarding a small country in Europe, its needs and potential. They have blessed the people of Latvia with numerous nationwide events that have helped the church and the Message to grow. Prayer breakfasts, Prayer Days, Mission Days have been helping the spiritual and political leaders to see their responsibilities and their potential with God. Evangelistic outreaches Hope 91 and Hope 98 with Luis Palau have helped thousands of people to discover the saving power of Christ for themselves. And it never ceases to amaze me how their activities actually build bridges among people from Latvia. I think their ministry is a special gift of God to this nation.”


shapeimage_3Very Reverend Johan W. Candelin President, First Step Forum & Friends of the Martyred Church, Kokkola, Finland

“For many years I have seen the work and the implemented vision of Bridge Builders International in Latvia. It is my opinion that they are not only changing much of the nation but also giving a vision for a better future for Latvia. This will also affect other nations as young leaders will take the vision given by Bridge Builders to other nations. I strongly recommend their work.”


shapeimage_4Cheryl Harrison, YWAM Latvia National Team Leader, Jurmala, Latvia

“BBI has had a unique role to play in Latvia during this strategic time in the development of the nation and local church. Their commitment to serve, unify and encourage the Body of Christ through various interdenominational initiatives has helped to see God’s Kingdom furthered here. BBI has been able to adapt to the ever-changing landscape of a post soviet nation with implementation of fresh ideas and vision. Youth With A Mission (YWAM) Latvia has had the opportunity to co-labor with BBI on various projects over the years and we are thankful for the way that they are being used to bless this nation.”

droppedImageJeff Fountain, Former Director, YWAM Europe, Director, Schuman Centre for European Studies, Heerde, the Netherlands

“When the Baltic states wrestled themselves free from the yoke of Soviet oppression, they needed mentors who would come alongside to train them in living as democratic states, and laying the spiritual foundations necessary for freedom, solidarity and peace. Chuck Kelley and the Bridge Builders International initiatives represent a significant example of such mentoring movements which came alongside to nurture, instruct, support and release the potential of the fledgling nation. I have seen first hand the fruit of their investment in the young lives of Latvians now able to dedicate themselves to the work of God’s Kingdom in Latvia and far beyond. They deserve our support.”


shapeimage_5Stephen A. Macchia, D.Min., Founder and President, Leadership Transformations Inc.; Director, Pierce Center for Disciple-Building, Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary, Boston, Massachusetts

“After having experienced the ministry of BBI first hand in Latvia over two consecutive years, I am honored to commend their ministry to you. I am impressed with the leadership team, the effectiveness of their shared labors of love, and the fruitful multiplication of their prayers for the Church in Latvia. It’s obvious God’s hand of blessing is upon them andtheir mission. I wish BBI well as they launch new initiatives of prayer and training throughout the Baltic nations in the future.”


ImageStacy Rinehart, Founder, MentorLink International, Raleigh, North Carolina

“BBI has made a significant Kingdom impact in the nation of Latvia. I know of no other nation where the Body of Christ is so unified across denominational and traditional lines. This is largely due to the steady influence of Chuck Kelly and the overall ministry of BBI.”


shapeimage_6Wally Schoon, Eastern European Representative, Torchbearers International, Holsy-Brun, Sweden

“It is not often that an International organization is successful in bridging the gap between ethnic groups while at the same time achieving a cohesiveness that is beneficial for all partners involved. The deep scars left by years of occupation are not easy to address. BBI has accomplished this goal through their many years of work in the Baltic States, in particular, Latvia.

To accomplish such a goal requires a diplomacy and sensitivity that blends vision with a pragmatic approach. BBI has had as a defined purpose to encourage nationals to take leadership roles in all programs undertaken. BBI has also shown a sensitivity to not interfere with national identities represented in their programs. More specifically, BBI’s does not force a North American philosophy of ideation and implementation of their goals. Creating and designing visions by which Latvians can better themselves and their country has always been BBI’s target. This is definitely an art that is to be envied while working in Eastern Europe.

Personally, I have been involved in Eastern Europe ministry for thirty (30) years. I have been personally acquainted with Chuck Kelley and BBI since its inception and can without hesitation recommend their organization.”


shapeimage_7Rev. Peteris Eisans, Vice Bishop of the Latvian Baptist Union, Pastor, Matthews Baptist Church, Riga, Latvia

“I remember the First Prayer days in 1999. The Holy Spirit was present and used you to break down walls among the pastors. When pastors of different denominations of the same city gathered in groups to pray for salvation of the city and to bless each other, it was unprecedented. When Russians prayed for Latvians and apologised for various injustices of the past and when Latvians confessed bitterness and resentment toward Russians, it was very hard to do, but it destroyed many strongholds. Since that time many pastors, including me, have prayer days as special highlight and time to submit to Holy Spirit.

Since that time God has brought unity among Christian leaders that is unheard off in most countries of Eastern Europe. Because of that now greater cooperation in evangelism is possible. Chuck, since then BBI has led and been catalyst to many worthwhile projects in Latvia, but first prayer days and the following movement has been laying of the foundation in the bedrock, so that everything else can follow. Had you done nothing else, but this Prayer Days, your contribution to the Kingdom of Christ in Latvia would be still one of the most significant influence what I remember in my adult life.”

Last Revised – 1 November 2014

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