What must I do to be saved?

What must I do to be saved?

Worship Camp at Eagle’s Wings 

By Dan Roth

ERGLI, Latvia – Worship camp 2017 was another fantastic camp at Eagle’s Wings.  It took place over Spring Break, March 15, 16, 17. About 30 teenagers and a handful of adults came together for three days of faith, fellowship and fun.  The overall theme was worship, where we explored entering into God’s presence and giving him our undivided attention in Scripture, song and creative activity. 

The Christian band “Divas Takas” came out from Riga the first night to lead evening worship.  BBI’s Madara Monika painted worship art as the band sang.  The following day, we were joined by worship leaders Mikelis and Aneta  from Liepaja.  They have served at many EW camps and held their wedding reception in our new Lodge in July.  Activities included both indoor and outdoor games, snow ball fights, sauna and hot tub, air soft and film night.  We watched Mel Gibson’s Hacksaw Ridge, the story of the faith and bravery of Desmond Doss in the  WWII battle of Okinawa.

Worship camp is one of the school year retreats designed to bring our summer campers back together for fellowship and discipleship.  Many of the kids became Christians at previous camps and are involved in weekly youth meetings. 

However, it was our privilege to see one 16 year old boy ask the age old question, “What must I do to be saved?”  And the person he asked was another boy who had received Christ in the sauna two months ago.  God is good and we love seeing His work in the lives of these young people!

Small Group presentation.
Marita leading games.
Madara Molnika loves to Worship Paint.
Relaxing and hanging out.
This orphan swore he was 12 to be able to come to camp!
Katie’s kit for teaching music therapy.
Game time!
Playing Chubby Bunny. So much laughing.


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