Made to Create

Made to Create

Click here to watch a short video of imagiNATIONS 2016. It was a rich time, relationally, spiritually and creatively.


By Natalie Meeks, BBI Writing Specialist

GREENVILLE, South Carolina – Several years ago, BBI began bringing Christian artists together for relationship and creative activities. We now call this the Imago Dei Artists Network. We emphasize the truth that we create because we are created in the image of a creative God.

Community. Worship. Witness. Balance. Truth.

These are a sprinkling of the topics discussed at imagiNATIONS, Bridge Builder’s multi-national artist retreat. On July 20th, the much-anticipated gathering succeeded in drawing together artists from Latvia, Estonia and the USA for mutual encouragement, prayer, painting, counsel and conversation.

Additionally, they visited a local community art museum and participated in a nearby worship service. As a result, many of those in attendance shared joyfully of growth in their relationships with God and one another.

Kulli Hansen, Tartu, Estonia

Kulli Hansen, acclaimed Christian artist and art professional from Estonia, explained during the weekend retreat, “It is important for artists to come together because the work of an artist is very lonely. Even if you are not satisfied with what you do, it is still worship to the creator…The artist’s task is to show a bigger world, a new way of seeing, and maybe even a new way of connecting with God.”

Our modern philosophy of pragmatism and efficiency have relegated art to the quiet, gilded rooms of luxury. But is this God’s plan? Are beauty and art mere luxuries? Our Lord is a God of creative beauty. The Heavens declare His glory, and they do so in the highest form of artistic beauty. Beauty transcends practicality and draws the believer ever closer to the ultimate Creator.

Historically, the Christian artist’s role has been great in bearing witness to Christ through images, color, pictures and emotion. We may live in the modern age, but the human heart hasn’t changed. Therefore, the unmet needs of both artist and non-artist alike are core elements of the ministry of imagiNATIONS.

The vision of Imago Dei is alight, and we at BBI ask that you stay tuned and pray alongside of us as we watch it grow; an art vision to show the watching world a real Jesus in living color.

Click here to watch a short video of imagiNATIONS 2016.

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