Our Greatest Inheritance…Our Largest Legacy

Our Greatest Inheritance…Our Largest Legacy

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Of course, Noah didn’t leave his family the ark (!).  He provided something much better, a great spiritual legacy.

As believers, our greatest inheritance, through salvation in Christ Jesus, is the kingdom (Matthew 25:34). Since this inheritance is spiritual and eternal in nature doesn’t it make sense for us to also focus on matters of spiritual and eternal importance when we design our Wills and Trusts? This extends to the spiritual well-being of our loved ones and how we can use the resources God has entrusted to us to impact the world for Christ?  Should we commit our estate planning to prayer and search the Scriptures to guide us in developing the right plan?

BBI has an excellent, confidential and FREE Will and Trust Planning Program. You simply watch video clips, specific to your family situation, that will help you design your Will or Trust from a Biblical perspective. It’s quick and easy to use, with no registration process and nothing to buy. This is a blessing to you from Bridge Builders.

And if you have any questions about including BBI in your legacy planning, please give us a call (541-602-6968) or send us an email — we’re happy to help.


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