Will You Send a Teen Orphan to Camp?

$100 can send an orphan teen to “Otra Elpa” at Eagle’s Wings Camp where they will hear the Gospel and experience the love of caring mentors.

46 More Teens Need Scholarships in Order to Experience a Life-Changing Week!

By Susan Paterson

RIGA, Latvia – Most Latvian orphanages have very tight budgets that don’t allot money towards Camp Fees. The cost for a camper to attend Otra Elpa, our summer camp for teen orphans, is $100 and every year we tell orphanages that we will find Camp Scholarships to cover the amount so that they can attend for free.

In the past, we have raised money through personal donations, foundation grants, church teams and interns. This year, we have 4 scholarships coming from our summer team but we are looking for an additional 46. Would you consider being part of a life-changing week for the many teenagers who would otherwise be sitting in an orphanage?

The heart of New Hope Latvia is to facilitate long-term Christ-centered relationships and camp is an amazing environment for that to happen. Each year we have experienced amazing relational opportunities and have had the opportunity to share the hope of Christ with each of the campers

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