“Have you ever kissed a cow?”

Meet Vernon, the Missionary Cow!

By Charles Kelley

My Latvian born grandfather, Charles Singer, worked on behalf of Latvian refugees who fled the Soviet Union after World War II. Numerous churches and individuals in Texas supported his work…for many years. One supporter is Sam Bradley of Hawkins, Texas.

During one visit in the 70s my grandfather was greeted oddly, “Brother Singer, have you ever kissed a cow?” asked Sam.

“Of course not. Why would I kiss a cow?” replied Papa.

“Well, you’re gonna wanna kiss this cow. You see, she’s a missionary cow.”

“A what? What are you talking about?”

Sam continued, “This cow’s name is Vernon. My wife said she looks like her Uncle Vernon so we named her in his honor. Anyway, we have decided that for as long as she lives all of Vernon’s calves will be sold and the money will go to support your mission work. Vernon’s a missionary cow.”

Surprised by all of this Papa said, “Well, I don’t want to kiss your cow but I will pray for Vernon…that she will have twins every year!”

And for the next 14 years, Vernon produced an annual calf who was raised and sold and all of the money was given for mission work.

Sam was super creative in supporting mission work.  I wonder how many other creative ways people can come up with to undergird kingdom work.


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