Mission Incubator

Mission Incubator

Praying at Mission Incubator
29 missionary from several countries spent three days together discussing, worshiping, praying, sharing best practices, brainstorming and laughing.

Mission Incubator Philosophy of Ministry

A Message given Chuck Kelley at Mission Incubator, a gathering of 30 Missionaries working in Latvia, Jan 25, 2013, Gregor Mission Center, Saldus, Latvia

An Incubator is a place that enhances health and accelerates growth. It is always a temporary place designed to help but not control.  It’s a place of light, warmth, protection and healing.  That is our purpose here.

1 Chronicles 12:32  “From the tribe of Issachar, there were 200 leaders of the tribe with their relatives. All these men understood the times and knew the best course for Israel to take.”

Why are we meeting? What do we hope to accomplish?

  • We’re here to help one another understand the times here in Latvia. In the process we want to know the best course that the Lord would have each of our ministries take. But how?
  • We’re here to share, discover, think, emote, and create in the context of prayer, acceptance, respect and expectation. We will share our hearts, experiences, stories, knowledge and promptings for future action.
  • Leaders are always focused on “What’s Next?”  So we want to help each other know what is God doing now?  How can we join?  We don’t want to miss what the Holy Spirit is doing in Latvia.
  • Discovery is crucial.  As we share with one another, what is the “Aha!” that we need to move us further?
  • We want bring together leaders and others with creative mission passion to explore these questions to generate kingdom results.

We believe that meaningful conversations and connections can change the world of ministry in Latvia. So we want to help leaders multiply their effectiveness by creating a context where new ideas are explored together…for the purpose of finding application to each of our individual contexts.

This is a collaborative meeting and we hope that the processes here will challenge one another to action that leads to results.  How will we do this?

  • We will recognize that each of us sees only a piece of the elephant and is easily wrong. A collaborative network gives us a wider and deeper map of possibilities.
  • We will listen with deep curiosity. We will ask good and honest questions…even if they upset any elephants in the room. For example, here’s a hard question. “What is the church?” Is there only one church?  Do institutions constitute the church and mission organizations and para-church ministries constitute something else and less? Could it be that we have traditionally bifurcated the Church gathered and the Church scattered…saying that the institutional church somehow has a higher status with God therefore it should control what active ministries pursue. Is this a problem in Latvia?
  • We will unpack ideas and connect the dots.
  • Believing that the knowledge is in the room, we want to give space to think and dream.
  • We will try to celebrate moments of clarity and understanding. These are AHA moments.

Latvia needs creative leadership now more than ever. Over the centuries, creativity has generally been frowned upon by the church.  Art, music, design…ok.  But not creative thinking about deep questions – purpose, mission, effectiveness, and innovation.

What does creative mission leadership look like?

  • It is unconstrained by conventional wisdom.
  • It challenges the norm.
  • It takes risks.
  • It expects resistance.

Everything is better in the context of genuine and generous relationships. We want to invest in the success of others.

We should be happy when our fruit grows on other people’s trees!!!  But this Kingdom attitude does not come naturally to most of us.

We ask, “How can I be of service to you?” This is not only a process of the intellect or soul. We also want results with increased impact, so that all of Latvia can hear the voice of God. Results, results, results… We pursue BIG impact.

  • Effective leaders shoot elephants, not squirrels.
  • Effective leaders strive to model Jesus in everything they do…and encourage others to do the same.
  • Effective leaders are servants first.
  • Effective leaders have a stronger desire to see an increase in the Kingdom rather than in their own domain.

Are you ready?

  • Are you curious about future possibilities?
  • Are you desiring to explore trends that will impact the wider kingdom?
  • Do you believe that meaningful conversations can change the landscape of missions to Latvia, in Latvia and from Latvia?
  • Are you ready to connect the “dots” of data and conversations to reveal larger trends?
  • Are you ready to see the bigger kingdom vision beyond yourselves?

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