A Lil’ Taste of Summah

A Lil’ Taste of Summah

3GirlsAn Overview of the 2013 Summer Plans of New Hope Latvia

By Susan Paterson

RIGA, Latvia – Thank you so much for your prayers thus far. The past two weeks have been stressful and frenzied, but it has been cool to see how God has been working through all things and I’m excited to see more as the summer progresses.

All of our interns have arrived and settled in. We traveled out to Ergli last week for a 4 day “Leadership Camp” which was a great time getting to know each other and getting to know the staff of Eagles Wings Camp. This is important because this is where we will be having our Teen Orphan Camp at the end of the summer.

Tomorrow we leave Riga to travel to our first camp, which is called Pasaka Camp. It is a 10 day camp for 6-14 year old orphans and we are expecting around 40 kids from 8 different orphanages. There are so many ways that you can pray!!!!! Pasaka Camp has been running in Latvia for the past 20 years under the leadership of Ingrid, a Latvian-Canadian who comes over every year to run this camp. Last year we helped Ingrid as leaders. This year, she has asked us to lead the camp ourselves and she will help us in a supporting role. This is a huge opportunity and challenge for us as a New Hope team, as Ingrid is open to the idea of us adding Jesus to camp.

Pray for wisdom and discernment for Jaycee and me, as we don’t want to “steamroll” all of Ingrid’s traditions and input, but we would like to make some changes to the camp structure. Pray for good communication with Ingrid, and for the entire team throughout the camp. Pray for the hearts of the kids who will be at camp. Pray for us leaders, because a 10-day kids orphan camp is a MARATHON! Pray for energy, strength, rest and the supernatural ability to love on this kids, even when they get on our nerves! As always, pray for the details!!! And pray that God would MOVE through this camp and that it would be a huge testimony to Ingrid.

We will arrive back in Riga on July 5, and after a long shower and a couple of days of rest, I hope to be able to share about camp with you all!

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