Listen and Receive

Listen and Receive

Led by Lienite Bemera (second from the left), BBI’s “I Am Loved” conferences and retreats have an incredible affect on the lives of women whose identity and sense of personal value have been stolen through years of occupation.

A Time to Listen and Receive our True Callings

By Lienite Bemera, Director of Partners

RIGA, Latvia – Our “I Am Loved” ministry team just returned from our second women’s retreat in Ergli. Women came from various towns, villages, backgrounds and age groups (18 – 70). We were excited to meet and pray for these very special women. This is a blessing that goes both directions.

Our theme was “True Calling.” We talked about the hidden “lion” in us that wants to come out to shine in power. As women, we do not have to become someone else to receive God’s identity and calling. As we listen to His still, small voice in us, we start to respect ourselves the way God created us. Our calling is not something out there; it lives in us!

Women shared their lives, prayed, spent quiet time with Jesus, and did spiritual exercises. They analyzed their pasts and started to think more seriously about their futures. God touched many women. Some started to remember things they wanted to do as small girls and never dared to do it…like painting. Some felt the urge to worship God through music or to minister to young people. Some wanted to teach other women English. And some were so excited to finally receive the gift of freedom to be themselves without striving or guilt. There were tears, joy and excitement all around!

We opened old, hidden treasure boxes that were full of different gifts ready to be used with joy and gratitude, bearing amazing fruit for the kingdom of God. I saw women rise and shine and become proud of who they are in Jesus.

And that’s our women’s movement. The goal of  “I Am Loved” is to bring Latvian women closer to Jesus, to receive their true identity, value and calling from Him.

Now is the time for Latvian women to rise and shine.

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