Summer Blessings

Summer Blessings

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Dan and Katie Roth have been Bridge Builders International missionaries in Latvia for more than 15 years. Along with their kids, Jonathan, Anna, and Essie, the Roths have witnessed significant transformation in the people of Ergli, Latvia and surrounding communities.

By Dan Roth

Latvia is full of beautiful autumn colours and the weather is giving hints of further change to come. Before we rush into winter, however, I’d like to reflect back on the blessings of summer.

Eagle’s Wings
Eagle’s Wings Camp was full of life and buzzing with activity during six full weeks of camps for kids, teens and adults. The gospel was both preached and demonstrated, people drew near to God and the Lord Jesus was honoured.

Sheep Farm
During all the activity at the campsite, there were nearly 200 ewes with their lambs in surrounding fields doing their best to keep the grass down and making their own contribution. We were very pleased with this year’s lamb crop. They grew well and the ram lambs went to market well. We kept a few of the best ones to sell for breeding stock and have kept most of the ewe lambs to grow our flock. The sheep will spend the next month finishing off the last of the grass before the snow falls and it is time to go to the barn.

Madona Church Missions
The church in Madona was also buzzing this summer with many guests, both those who came to serve at the camp and campers with their parents. Guest preachers also encouraged the congregation each Sunday. After the camps, one young man from the church went to serve at a camp in England. Three more went on a mission trip to help Marvin and Hayley Pitman in Mongolia. They all came back full of excitement and it has been very encouraging to hear the church pray for those in far-off lands.

The Roth Family
Katie is working in the local school as a music therapist and teacher and continues with teaching English to kindergarteners.  All the kids have settled back into a school routine after helping with summer ministries, but we are already talking about our plans for Eagle’s Wings Camp next year!

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